• 4 Seconds To Succeed
  • Don't Assume
  • Understand The Simple Things
  • How You Present Yourself Is Crucial


It takes a user only 4 seconds to judge the like-ability of a website! Eight out of ten people judge the credibility of a website based on its design!

If you don't think that that is very much time... You're Right! That is why it is important that your website is designed to allow a visitor to quickly find the information that they are looking for without having to deal with a lot of layers of information that they don't necessarily care to deal with.

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Don't Assume:

Don't assume that your visitors know nothing about your product or services. If you are selling bathroom fixtures on your website, chances are that a visitor already knows what a faucet is. What they are probably more interested in is whether or not you sell a particular brand that they are looking for, or they would like to see what you carry in stock or whether you can special order an item for them if it is not "on-hand".

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Simple Things:

Understanding the simple things about what drives a person to search your site for a product or service helps you understand what are the most important features or "tools" to provide them with in order to help them find what they want quickly and easily in a way that is not counter-intuitive with the least amount of clicks of their mouse to get to it. If they have to wade through several layers of categories and sub-categories to find something that they want, the chances are that they will not stick around long enough to find it and you will lose them.

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How you present yourself or your business online is crucial. You need to ask: "What is the best way to showcase my products or services?" You don't want the technology and design to be the main attraction and over-shadow what it is you are offering. Your goal is not to show your visitors how cool your site is because it has "whiz bangs" and "poppers", or to give the creators of your website a chance to show what geniuses they are.

You don't want people to visit your website to play with all the buttons and pop-ups. You want them there to help them find what they are looking for and to hopefully establish a relationship with them that will keep them returning again and again. You are not trying to sell the talents of they guys that built your website for you. They have their own websites to do that with.

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Do you have an existing website? Are you looking into whether you should have a website at all? Got questions like:

    • Is It Expensive?
    • Can I Do It Myself?
    • What Is Branding?
    • Where Do I Start?

Those are very good questions, and they deserve very good answers! There is only so much information that can be usefully shared on a website. Hey, that's your first tip! But seriously, we can assist you in finding the answers that are not just right for everyone, they will be just right for you. That's because every website has a personality and an intent that is unique... if it has been designed correctly that is. Let us talk with you about it.

Sure, there might be hundreds of websites that are selling light fixtures, or auto parts. But what makes your's unique is you! You are unique in your goals and devotion to the business that you have put yourself into. It's like... a part of you. It is your creation and you care about "who it is" and what it means to you, the reason that it IS and what it can mean for others.

We see you and what you want to do with your website as unique! Do you really want to work with a team that sees you as just "one of the crowd"???